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You could potentially put a total of 20 hours into a spreadsheet creation and marketing project and receive payment for the rest of your life if done effectively. Of course, the more time you invest, the greater potential for earnings that you have. It�s an investment in yourself, your skills, and your ability to identify and meet the needs of other people. It is your own business minus the start-up cost, overhead costs, and other headaches that are inherent in most businesses.

What do I need to do?

There are resources on the internet that can help you with everything you need to do.

For example:

If you want to take nice screenshots, you can use free software such as Screen Hunter or you can do a Print Screen (the button on the upper right corner of your keyboard labeled �PrtScn� or something like that) and paste it into Powerpoint and then save it as a .jpeg or .gif.

If you want to develop some keyword rich descriptive text to make your file easy to find from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you can use the Google Keyword Tool to identify words and phrases that are frequently searched for.

If you want to create a demo video, you can use free screen capture software such as Auto Screen Recorder. Then you can upload your video to Youtube or other video sharing website so that people have yet another way to find your product and learn how they can get a copy.

And if you want to make all of this and more information available from one place without even needing to start and maintain website, pay hosting fees, pay for domain registration, market your website and so on and so on, you should use There, you will also benefit from the efforts of professional marketers who are constantly working to increase exposure for your Excel spreadsheets. It�s the best thing on the internet for people who want to sell spreadsheets. And there are no costs for using the site. I would highly recommend that you take a look at what they have to offer and decide for yourself.


How do I get going?

Visit or click here to be taken through the site�s registration process. It just takes a minute and you�ll� be on your way. If you need ideas to help you decide what type of spreadsheets that people might be interested in, check out the Spreadsheet Caf�. There you can find or share great ideas for how spreadsheets can be applied in real life. You can also check the homepage where there is a widget of frequently searched words. This tells you which types of spreadsheets are currently in demand.


I hope you find this information useful and I wish you best of luck in your endeavors!



Helping You Make Money with Excel

Absolutely! Selling Excel spreadsheets is an opportunity that many skilled spreadsheet users may not be aware of. It requires the ability to develop spreadsheets at a level beyond that of the free spreadsheet templates that many websites offer and help people understand the value in their Excel spreadsheet. Luckily a vast majority of free spreadsheets offer no more than a very basic level of calculation or functionality. This is because most people cannot afford to put a good deal of time and energy into something that will yield no financial returns. However, selling Excel spreadsheets compensates you for the extra care that you invest in your spreadsheets. The funds you earn from selling spreadsheets also make it worthwhile to make the effort to promote your spreadsheets, even if that means creating videos, posting in blogs, forums, or social networks, or whatever it takes to make sales. The most rewarding part about selling spreadsheets is that you do the work once there is no limit to the amount of money that you could earn. - Excel @ Life

Can I Sell My Excel Spreadsheets?